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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Prince of Perisa (English)

The movie keeps you engaged. The magical dagger which takes you through time to change events is a fantasy movie. A game lover of Prince of Persia, would get stung by the similarities to the background. Could have had some more imagination, but its still meets my approval.

The female lead is pretty and very explosive in her role. The Prince Dastan is ahem charming !!
Watch it if you want to see how a game story becomes a movie. You see mystical characters with american accent thats the only drawback. Watch Lawrence of Arabia and you see some real casting for a regional-period movie !

Clue (English)

A movie with 3 endings. A movie full of twist and turns. A sudden revelation now and then. There is a bunch of characters who are blackmailed. During the course of the movie a few people get murdered. The story seems to be taken from a book. The writer was full of surprise endings.

How did the murder of each person happen ? Is the plot that consumes the first and second half of the script. There are subsequently 3 possible endings that engages the viewer. Fascinating !! Creative !!

Star Trek (English)

Watched Star Trek of 2009 in the theatres. I recently picked up the DVD to relive the experience. It was worth it. I really liked the rock-n-roll music in the movie. Kirk as a maverick cadet at the Starfleet acadamy , neat script writing !!

JJ Abrams (director) has used an exceptional team to deliver Star Trek for a new generation. I come from the old generation of Star Trek fans. In fact I was a Star Trek fan before I'd seen Star wars, although Star wars was released long before the latter.

Every sundays, watching Star Trek episodes with William Shatner (Kirk) and Leonard Nimoy (Spock) used to be the highlight of the weekend. This is of course before Sherlock Homes came up. The new one, has sharp uniforms and the cast is top order. Loved Zachery as Spock the most.

Watch it if you are a science fiction fan or not !! you wont regret it.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Kid (English)

Chaplin movie. Its a very simple story about an orphan kid. Chaplin acts as the surrogate father for most part of the movie. Its woven into a very emotional story about finding then loosing and then finding the kid.

Chaplin at his best. The story itself is very simple. Its a silent drama with a few comic moments. The Silent Era of Strong script based movies.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Usual Suspects (English)

film description
Neatly constructed Screenplay. Loved the ensemble cast.
The story line is about an imaginary Gangster Kaiser Soze.

The flashback begins from a Police Line up consisting of a bunch of misfits. This is where you see some humour in the movie. El Benecio and Baldwin are too good here. Keep you laughing for a few minutes. El Benecio is supposed to be a Black-Chinese-Jew or something.

Kevin Spacy who is the narrator and the mastermind, turns out is ?? ... should see the movie. Its a movie about good criminals versus bad cops. The usual suspects is an unusual paradox !