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Friday, January 11, 2013

InBox (Short Story)

In this digital age, here's an interesting magical love story ...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Prestige

I've been tempted to write my 2 cents on the movie after reading a short review by J. Ramanand titled - Prestige I Suppose reviewing film. Its definitely a great watch having both Hugh Jackman & Christian Bale in a movie directed by Christopher Nolan (director of Batman Begins to Dark Knight Rises series).

The movie Prestige - which is also the term used to describe the successful end of a magic trick -
Opening line by Micheal Caine "Every great magic trick has a third act, the most difficult act, the prestige". 
You make a subject disappear and you manage to successfully validate that the subject has indeed disappeared. The conclusion to illusion is to make the subject re-appear flawlessly establishing the prestige for the magic trick. 
The movie has a thrilling revelation at the end which causes you to think - Is this a book turned into a movie script ?  Well yes its a book by Christopher Priest of the same name - "The Prestige".

Need to check out The Illusionist ... yet another !

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Credits : Image Courtesy earlyshen from Flickr.

Enग lish Vingliश

Enग lish Vingliश as the title suggests is a हिं ग lish (hinglish) movie. The cast has Sridevi as the main protagonist in a sensitive yet humorous script by Gauri Shinde.

Watched the film about 2 times over a period of 3 days and have not found it least bit boring. The first time though, I missed the first 20-30 mins of introduction.

There is also a scene -"When Sridevi enters USA and is talking to the immigration", where Marianne Soares (one of our family friends) appears in the scene if you observe carefully.

Loved the last speech that Sri gives as a toast to the married couple. Well done Srideviji , you are amazing as always in any role. Great to see you back after a looong time. Appears your talent has not only matured with age, but has increased sensibility to choose a hatke theme !! Kudos ...

Yet Another southie fan !

Credits : Movie poster for English Vinglish taken from wikipedia.

Spy Game

Seen the movie Spy Game for the first time about 10 years ago. The plot and the dialogues become more clear after watching a few times. Its a cat & mouse chase with a lot of linkages to the past and discussion about the present events.

If you enjoy a spy thriller, you would love to watch both Brad Pitt and Robert Redford playing CIA operatives in a brutal game of espionage. Loved watching it last night after about a year. The movie is directed by Tony Scott.

Its almost like listening to a piece of music at a particular time of the day when you can enjoy it the most. The movie came at time when I really needed to watch some clever dialogues and smooth style. Not the bond style mind you, but the ones which appear close to the real thing.

Ridley Scott's movie The Body of Lies is also another worthy watch, but has a different style to the direction & story.

Credits : The movie poster has been re-used from IMDB filmography for SpyGame.