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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Prestige

I've been tempted to write my 2 cents on the movie after reading a short review by J. Ramanand titled - Prestige I Suppose reviewing film. Its definitely a great watch having both Hugh Jackman & Christian Bale in a movie directed by Christopher Nolan (director of Batman Begins to Dark Knight Rises series).

The movie Prestige - which is also the term used to describe the successful end of a magic trick -
Opening line by Micheal Caine "Every great magic trick has a third act, the most difficult act, the prestige". 
You make a subject disappear and you manage to successfully validate that the subject has indeed disappeared. The conclusion to illusion is to make the subject re-appear flawlessly establishing the prestige for the magic trick. 
The movie has a thrilling revelation at the end which causes you to think - Is this a book turned into a movie script ?  Well yes its a book by Christopher Priest of the same name - "The Prestige".

Need to check out The Illusionist ... yet another !

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Credits : Image Courtesy earlyshen from Flickr.

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