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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Spy Game

Seen the movie Spy Game for the first time about 10 years ago. The plot and the dialogues become more clear after watching a few times. Its a cat & mouse chase with a lot of linkages to the past and discussion about the present events.

If you enjoy a spy thriller, you would love to watch both Brad Pitt and Robert Redford playing CIA operatives in a brutal game of espionage. Loved watching it last night after about a year. The movie is directed by Tony Scott.

Its almost like listening to a piece of music at a particular time of the day when you can enjoy it the most. The movie came at time when I really needed to watch some clever dialogues and smooth style. Not the bond style mind you, but the ones which appear close to the real thing.

Ridley Scott's movie The Body of Lies is also another worthy watch, but has a different style to the direction & story.

Credits : The movie poster has been re-used from IMDB filmography for SpyGame.

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