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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Syriana (English)

film description
You get to learn how the CIA is the puppet master of the middle east. In the words of one of the characters, Prince Nasir "The US does not want Iran to become democratic. They want to control the oil." The Prince can potentially become the Emir of Iran and then sell oil to China instead of US. He is a target to be killed.

The plot of the movie is to show the cause and effect of the Merger of 2 big Oil companies. The merger itself is not the issue. The main problem is once this US merged company gets oil from Iran, does the economy of Iran benefit. Not until the puppet master controls them. Iran is not allowed to prosper as long as they milked for Oil.

The CIA gets cheap Oil for US by controlling the Emir. The next Emir is neatly positioned by the agency using the strife between the princes and royalty of Iran.

The story is the star here. The heavy casting are a neatly woven ensemble that makes great story telling. Had to see it with subtitles to understand the big picture.

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