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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Udaan (Hindi)

film description
Its been some time since I've seen a movie that deals with emotions so well. A similar movie would be Tare Zameen Par. Udaan is without any well known stars like Amir Khan. The Story itself is the star here. Having lived 2 years in a boarding school, I find it easy to connect with movies dealing with kids growing up in such places.

The core of the movie is about Freedom. All through the movie Rohan (main character) finds it hard to convince his father of his need to be loved rather than disciplined.

Rohan is rather free at the begining of the movie,where he enjoys his life at the Bishops Cotton boarding school in Shimla. He is found watching a porn movie at a theatre with his buddies. Rohan and his buddies get expelled from school and sent home. Home is in fact a place where he feels out of place. A paradox in itself. He comes home after 8 years and is met by a 6 year old boy - his step brother Arjun.

Slowly the 2 boys draw strength from each while they are subjected to discipline by their father. The most cruel thing in this world I feel is when some one is forced to do things under authority. Rohan is a poet and has aspirations to write anything - stories,essays,poems. The first time he looses his freedom is the loss of his mother. The result of which was being subjected to a boarding school at the same age as Arjun.

Rohan soon realizes that his father is incapable of being reasonable. He decides to leave home and join his buddies in Bombay, where they have joined together to run a restaurant. Rohan decides to leave his home and join the friends whom he has known all his life. This is the most touching part of the story, where he actually returns back for Arjun, who is being packed off to Bishop Cottons school by the father.

Rohan tells Arjun, that where ever he goes, he's going to take him along.

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