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Friday, December 28, 2012


A small joke on the movie "Barfi" ~ courtesy Roopinder:
Why did "Barfi" go to oscars bcoz it is the real life story of every couple
A mute husband,
A mad wife,
And a beautiful ex-girlfriend.
Watched the film at the movies and it was just fun---tastic !!

Its got all the elements of a great Chaplin movie. A tribute to some of the antics. Ranbir at his best. Loved the triangle and the final twist.

A Chaplin fan may love the irony, that the comic relief is a mute and almost compliments a black & white comedy by Charles.

Both of us (Jenny & myself) were mute spectators to a spell-binding performance by the cast. Take it to the Oscars :)

Credits : Joke from Roopinder's Facebook Wall.

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